Monday, January 12, 2009

Black Ice

No, this is not a cautionary tale. No accidents or near accidents occurred. Just a statement of how much my husband cares. He warned me twice -- that's once this morning and again before I came home -- about the dangers of black ice.

Isn't he sweet?

I was very careful and rode the streets to work this morning. I came back via Central Park and saw some brief glimpses of lovely, iced over, lawns. Brief glimpses because I really was all about watching for black ice and rode VERY carefully. My rides were challenging because the first was before the sun rose and the second was well after it had set. Even with a headlight, the shadows make for tricky riding. Potholes almost jump out at you after dark.

Yes, I'm working lots of hours. Much has to be done before the end of the month.

That said, today was probably the only day I'm riding this week. Tomorrow will be warmer but I have to drive for other reasons. It is supposed to rain / snow on Wednesday and then the temps are supposed to plunge into the teens.

I'm not riding in that. Nope. Not that crazy.

I didn't think that I had gotten chilled on either ride today but it took a fairly long time for me to get really warm again so I guess I did get kind of cold. I also got really hot. Then I got cold and clammy. Ick! Just as I think I figure out how many layers to wear at what temperatures, the wind chill messes with it all.

I wore just enough layers to feel comfortable riding uptown (though my fingers were starting to complain about 10 blocks before the end of the ride) and shed a layer coming home. At which point I over heated. Blah!

Oh well. Just as I figure it out, spring will arrive with it's own set of challenges. At least I'll be able to knit during yard duty. These freezing temps are messing with my output. I get only a round or two done before I have to grab my mittens and hand warmers.

Enough babble. Time for sleep.

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sarah said...

Your dedication to bike commuting this winter is impressive! Glad you are being cautious about ice. I have had to resort to the trainer due to ice and snow and not enough room on the road edges, but it's not so bad. Definitely helps reduce my level of cabin fever! Best to all the Squids!