Friday, February 27, 2009


I know that I've been missing in action. There was the post that never happened last weekend after we spent so much time walking all over lower Manhattan and taking pictures of historic places for Squidette's social studies project. I was going to post the whole project with added links but then my camera went missing ...

That prevented me from taking pictures of Little Squid's new sweater (10 days start to finish) ... please image an olive green Cobblestone pullover that is at least two years too big on the kid. Then imagine it already looking rather seedy after only 4 wearings. I'll never use woolease again. All I wanted was something easily washable that Little Squid did not have to worry too much about. Oh well.

There is also a pair of pink socks. Nice and thick and snuggly. Homepun, handdyed wool. Yum!

Then there is my cold. And my cold. And my cold. Going on and on and on. And on.

And my new computer -- a lovely new Lenovo. It's big and I like it. Nice bright screen for my aging eyes.

Then there is work. Today was the Senior - Faculty volley ball game. The Seniors won. 45 to 35. At one point they were leading by 20 points. Ouch! Yes, I played. No, I was not as bad as I feared I would be. Some of my serves actually scored points and I did manage to assist in returning the ball a few times.

And there you go. The high points of my life since I last checked in.


Dee said...

Sounds like you have been busy.

Bummer about the WoolEase and double bummer ... I just bought some to make a sweater for me. :-(

Kristen said...

Yikes- I just bought Woolease too, for the first time, for a sweater for me. I've seen others knitting with it and it seems to have great stitch definition at least while it's still on the needles. Maybe any seediness won't be so noticeable with the black yarn I bought.
Hope your camera turns up.

Mary said...

You've been busy Squids! I hope your camera is just on a little vacation and not gone forever.

Cookie said...

The sweater looks lovely and Little Squid is as adorable as ever. Hi, sweetie!

I'm sorry about the yarn and the cold and the missing camera. Has it turned up yet? I hope it didn't walk off on you.

I hope the coming week is easier on you. xo