Sunday, March 22, 2009

Math and Crafts

The children joined the school drama club and will be appearing in "Bye Bye Birdie" in early May. School plays require costumes.

For the Sweet Apple Teen, Debra Sue (aka Sqidette), it means a Poodle skirt.

This prompted the statements "fast, divided 28 by pi," and "32 X 4 divided by 36," the latter in an effort to figure out the real yardage needed versus what we purchased.
I blew it. Before we even got to this point. I really should have reread the instructions instead of assuming that I could wing it. This skirt is supposed to be about 4 inches longer. Oops!

No Knees allowed. That said, the kids tell me that one of the other girls is smaller then Little Squid. So, this will be hers if she wants it. At least it gave me an opportunity to figure out what has to be done.

As I've volunteered to make all of the skirts if needed, this is a good thing. The girls are supposed to make their own. I really do not see that happening.

Then there is Little Squid's costume. He plays Harvey Johnson, a geek who is trying to get a date to the prom.
Can you say "argyle vest?" The graph was charted by Little Squid, hence the statements "69 is and easily dividable number -- use it instead" and "2x +1 is always an odd number." The first statement was originally "69 is an evenly dividable number" which prompted Mike to tell me to go back to looking cute since my brain obviously was not working.
There are also sweater pieces blocking but that is another post. One to be written after the sweater is assembled.


Mary said...

Poodle skirts! What fun!

Cookie said...

I never would have guessed drama club in a million years. *L*

Can't wait to see the poodle skirts and the argyle.

knitseashore said...

Wow! I admire your ability to not only make costumes for one squid, but both, as well as volunteer for the other cast members! You deserve a best mom award!!

Elizabeth said...

Apropos of nothing in particular, you should take a look at
who has a lovely squid kite on view. I saw it and thought of you all. She says it was a real kite, not just a windsock.

Susan said...

Gosh...I know that my mom made me lots of circle skirts and I don't know how she figured it all out. This is going to be such fun for the kids...and hopefully for you too.

Oldpatterns said...

Welcome to the world of costuming! I help out with Sammi's shows each year. This years everest for me was 27 Oompa Loompas and 5 squirrels. Happy Passover!


your cuz

Anonymous said...

"Evenly divisible"..."comes out evenly"...Yeah, I stumble over how to say that, too. Great example of real life math!