Sunday, March 22, 2009

Math Day

Math in the real world -- or at least at Casa del Squid. The following sentences were really uttered by me this morning, directed at one or the other child ...

"Fast, divide 28 by pi."

"32 X 4 divided by 36"

"6 X16"

"69 is an easily dividable number -- use it instead"

"2x + 1 is always an odd number."

We are not studying for a test. Any ideas as to what we might be doing?


Cookie said...

I need more caffeine and maybe a better brain.

My only guess is Pi Day, but that was last weekend. Yeah, I got nothing.


Susan said...

You're writing a pattern for a round knitted something or other. Maybe a lace tablecloth? Or else this is just a common occurrence in your home and I'm not geeky enough to understand :-)

Kristen said...

I have no idea; I get brain freeze just looking at numbers!