Thursday, July 09, 2009


They make you laugh, they make you cry, they make you crazy!

At 8:20, after dropping off Little Squid, I said good-bye to Squidette as she pedaled off to camp, 10 blocks further north, and I pedaled home in order to change and make a 9:30 meeting. She promised to call once she had locked up her bike.

I head home, coasting down Riverside Drive, grinding out the miles along the Hudson River and, finally, as I neared the Intrepid, started to worry. It had been too long. Had I missed the call? Pulled over, checked my cell phone. Nope, no missed call. Try Squidette's phone ... right to voice mail.

Pedaling on, I get to my exit, go through the cell phone ritual again and start to really worry. Was she hit by a truck? (Very few trucks on our route.) Did she wipe out on the steep descent to camp? And what about the violin on her back ...

Arriving in the apartment, I decide that calling camp is way more important than arriving at my meeting on time and, as I navigate the various options on the camp phone system ... my phone rings.

She forgot.


I've forgiven her ... it is only the second time in over a year that she's forgotten to call. But it is amazing just how panicky I got for those few minutes.


Penny said...

{hugs} i have that with E and I at work. We must both email each other when we get *into* the office. There have been a few frantic phone calls an hour after presumed arrival time with the other apologetic for being pulled into a meeting as we walked in the door.


(might she remember easier to just txt u? might be worth whatever monthly fees that would add to your plan)

Penny said...

i should add that E and I take the subway together 4/5 mornings and exit the station together at my stop.

Anonymous said...

Every time my phone rings around "commute time", I get a little jumpy. I guess we'll ALWAYS worry about our kids even when they really aren't "kids" anymore.

Hope Squidette has a wonderful time at camp.

Angi in Ohio said...

That's the WORST feeling!
It's still horrible when you're expecting a call from your 20somethings. Love is Love. I guess it doesn't matter how old they get.