Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Random Musings

It's amazing how dry my skin gets given that it spends hours and hours each day slathered in greasy sunscreen.

Squidette like humming Schubert's 8th Unfinished Symphony. She says the tune is "fun." How many teens can say that!

I can now say that I have changed the pedals on a bicycle. And the seat (though I'd done that before). And, I have a boo boo on my chest from changing said pedals. Don't ask.

I have survived 3 dinners without Mike and not had to resort to ordering in.

That said, we ate leftovers for two of the nights and I made macaroni and tuna for the third. Tomorrow is a bread, cheese and sausage picnic, weather cooperating. See, I CAN feed my children. Just not well.

It's sugar snap pea season and I'm in heaven! I eat them like candy.

The first skeins of Mike's new sweater are in their final soak in the sink and the next ones are mid-ply on my Journey Wheel. I had to stop to change the water for the skeins in the sink and decided to blog instead of going back to plying.

Squidette now has contact lenses.

The price variation for her lenses (on-line) was huge! There was almost a $200 difference between the highest and lowest priced suppliers for a 6 month supply. Phew!

Little Squid is playing John Adams in the camp musical.

Random enough for you?

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