Saturday, November 27, 2010


Roughly three years in the making since I said "choose your design."

There was the false start with a pound of BFL roving that was far to little and spun far too thick for what I wanted. After that, I purchased 3 pounds of white shetland from Halcyon. Did some spinning and dying sampling and then dove in and dyed the roving.

Determined that the roving was far to unevenly dyed to give a consistent color for the body of the sweater so carded it all up multiple times to blend the colors.

Spent most of a summer carding and spinning.

Knit the back and sleeves within a month or so and then started the front. Worked it two rows at a shot for another month or three before I realized it wasn't working. Put it into time out for 3-5 months and then regraphed and regrouped, knitting it up within a month of ripping it back to the hem.

Took 3-5 weeks to hide the ends on the back of the front and all of two days to sew it together.
Looks happy, doesn't he?
And here you go!

Yarn is a three-ply, roughly dk weight. Sweater is knit 5.5 stitches to the inch and really seems to fit perfectly. Basic design is from my knitting bible -- Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns.

Now to get busy spinning Batya's new sweater.


Penny said...

congrats! looks really great. :)

Cookie said...

Great job!


Happy Belated Birthday!