Saturday, December 11, 2010

Felted socks

Mike asked me to make him felted socks. Actually, the conversation went something like this ...

Me: (Entering apartment after a below-freezing commute from work) You know,it may be below freezing but even my feet were warm on the ride tonight. And I'm still wearing my biking sandals. Why don't you try it?

Mike: Because I don't have felted socks.

And hence the photograph of a pair of felted socks in progress.

They are being knit at the same time because I am unsure as to how far this Jacob wool will go so, if I have to add something else ... both socks will be fairly similar.

Now to find the silk sock liners that go underneath the felted socks in the sandals. Lands' End is sold out of his size.


Cookie said...

That is a good reason for not using those socks. ;^)

Good luck finding the liners!


annie said...

I would love to know your pattern for the felted socks. I get sock liners at I think they still have them.