Saturday, November 04, 2017

We Did It! Making a Blanket Statement at Catskill Conf

About a month ago I posted the instructions for participating in the Blanket Statement project that I was leading at Catskill Conf.

I am proud of what we accomplished.

Over a dozen knitters contributed to the project either by learning to knit and/or by completing blocks.

Thank you to: Sarah, Tiana, Milo, Carla, Joanna, Sabrina, Alyse, Jasper, Joe, Oliver, Kelly, Mandy and anyone whose name I many have missed!

Here is the completed blanket  (displayed on my son's bed atop his elephant comforter).

Note the leaves on one of the blocks.

Milo (the designer of the images used for Catskill Conf this year)  worked with me to put them in a form that could be worked into the blanket. I am absurdly happy at the way they came out.

This blanket will be sent along to Project Linus with the next batch that goes from my monthly blanket group.

Even after the conference the project continued. Over the last few weeks I've received blocks completed by not only conference participants but by Ashoken staff who wanted to participate off hours as well. These blocks and one more that just arrived, and any that may yet come in, will be incorporated into a second blanket being constructed out of the leftover yarn. I'm taking my time with that one so don't expect to see it finished until just before the next Catskill Conf.

If there are anymore blocks in progress out there, let me know and send them in! I am always working on blankets for Project Linus in conjunction with the Sanctuary Stitchers at Temple Shaaray Tefila. We can and will find a blanket for any and all blocks.

(Sanctuary Stitchers graciously contributed the burgundy yarn and its members have been knitting blankets for children in need for a dozen years.)

Finally, this is the blanket made from the leftovers from last year's Catskill Conf blanket.

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