Monday, September 10, 2018

Make a Blanket Statement at Catskills Conf 2018

Make a Blanket Statement at Catskills Conf 2018

Looking forward to hearing all the great speakers at Catskills Conf?

Naturally fidgety?

Don’t want to be rude by: constantly checking your phone? Daydreaming? Doodling?

Want to be even more constructive while filling your head with awesome and interesting new ideas?

Put needles (or hooks) and yarn in your hands and help us construct the third Catskills Conf blanket(s) for Project Linus.

The project will run in a few ways:

  1. Learn how to knit at Catskills Conf. I will be available before breakfast, during meals, during session breaks and as an alternative during the activity times. Caveat: I can only actively teach 2-3 newbies at a time -- but can do many over the course of the weekend. Then, knit blocks during the conference. 
  2. Or … Bring pre-made knit or crocheted 7 inch X 9 inch blocks. Any color is fine, the yarn must be acrylic (Project Linus regulations) and should be worsted weight. Any pattern is fine. I have many premade blocks in burgundy but will make any color work! 
  3. And / Or … knit the blocks during the conference. There will be more than enough yarn available for a large blanket, as well as knitting needles (and a few crochet hooks), scissors and rulers. Feel free to bring your own supplies (size 7 or 8 needles or crochet hook H/I).
Materials (needles, hooks, yarn, rulers and scissors) will be available to borrow.

Taking the bus and want to knit your way to the Ashokan Center? We’ll have the materials on the bus!

Blocks brought to the conference should be made in a worsted weight (medium weight) acrylic yarn using any pattern that makes you happy. A box or bag will be provided to leave completed blocks in.

As the blocks are finished, they will joined into a blanket. Work in progress will be on display all weekend.

The completed blanket(s) will be donated to a Project Linus chapter for distribution. Any left over blocks will be added to those made by a Project Linus group and incorporated into a blanket.

In each of the last two years we made one complete blanket over the course of the conference. These were donated to the NYC chapter of Project Linus. I am hoping to be able to complete 2 blankets this year but that will require people making the blocks ahead of time and bringing them to the conference.

The block size is 7 X 9 (inches) or 9 X 7. Direction does not matter.

Thank you!

Devorah Zamansky

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