Monday, February 13, 2006


The striped socks are done and the smallest feet now have 3 pairs of hand knit wool socks to keep them warm. The third sock is a mini-sock that will be used as one of our signature Geocache trades. DD will embroider a Z on it and we will be good to go. Every finished project now gets a matching mini sock and the kids take turns with who gets to trade the sock for whatever trinket takes their fancy. Hopefully some socks will find their way in to New England geocaches next week.

In planning for this trip I realize that I still have to swatch for the elephant sweater and then graph it out before we hit the road. The same holds true for the legs of the squid socks which are about to leave the planning stage and enter the actual knitting stage. Now that the smallest feet are clad it is time to knit for the largest feet. Can you say "men's size 11.5?"

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