Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I finally started swatching for the elephant sweater. This will be a top down sweater. The elephants will march around the neck and shoulders and then again around the hips. I will try to make it rather large so that when he growth-spurts a week after it is done, it will still fit.

I also finally cast on the newest squid socks. However, there is half a foot (not six inches) of a different pair of squid socks on the needles and that is what I have actually been referring to up until now. The newest pair-in-progress will have a pair of squid-like creatures from a popular prime-time animated program. (They appear once or twice a season in said show. These squid-like creatures will be green and will "stand" on a brownish ground which will be the sock foot. The other, to be finished much later, "squid" socks will have grey feet and a red creature with squidly tendencies (it is actually more crab then squid but around the mouth ...). This creature is from a no longer aired animated program from the same cartoonist. (Or rather, no longer airing new episodes.)

I am happy to entertain guesses as to the names of the creatures on either set of socks.

Meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure, I present ... a squid. Knit and beaded by yours truly for a sea-creature exchange. It is long gone but its essence remains. (The fish that I received are in my office and are not photographically documented at this time.)


Lynda in Wisconsin said...

How many legs does your squid have?
He is beautiful!

Devorah said...

Thanks! This one has 10 -- 8 small and two large.