Monday, February 06, 2006

Squid Socks -- the first pair

These are the socks that started it all.

After I had been knitting for a year or so, I decided to give socks a try. I managed to make a few pair for myself and then decided that I needed to convince my adoring spouse of the Wonders of handknit socks. He agreed to wear what I made IF I could put Squid on them.

At the time I was also playing with mosaic knitting techniques and this is what resulted. The Squid are reveresed because I wanted a bit of a challange on the second sock. The socks were designed on knitters graphpaper with an old-fashioned pencil. (Actually I used a mechanical pencil so we are not really in the dark ages.) The yarn is a superwash worsted which after 3 years is no longer superwash. The pattern is worked in mosaic with short-rows used to keep the bottom of the foot the same length as the top of the foot. The size is (gasp!) a men's 11 1/2.


Cathy said...

Love them. Almost enough to inspire me to knit socks.

Debbie said...

Do you need a matching hat?

Anonymous said...

Realy I don`t get it the aquarium story isn`t enough for me .And if squid why butterfly.I think squid is a realy good idea.