Sunday, February 05, 2006

Why Squid?

A Squid walks in to a bar ... o.k., maybe not. A family ventures out to the Aquarium dragging a small child who does not really want to go. His parents and sister tell him about all of the neat things he will see, to no avail. Finally, one of them says, "We will see Squid." At that, the toddler's eyes light up and he happily hops in to the car.

While at the aquarium, the family sees sea otters and sea lions, sea horses and eels. The toddler insists on finding the squid. After looking in almost all of the cases the toddler proclaims, "There must be Squid around here some place!"

After recovering from a huge attack of giggles, Mom, Dad, Grandma and Big Sis finally locate a tank of small octopi and call them Squid. The toddler is satisfied and the trip is a success.

Since then, Squid have been a huge part of our lives and Daddy has many pair of hand knit Squid socks. (Socks with Squid on them, not socks for Squid.)

In the future, more will appear about the Saga of the Squid in addition to content about knitting and family.

Welcome to Squid Knits!


Charleen said...

Welcome to blog world!

Sara said...

Welcome Devorah! Does DS recognize squids vs. octopii yet?

Devorah said...

Charlene and Sara, Thanks for the welcome. Yes, DS does know the difference now and is sorely disappointed that the NY Aquarium does not have any squid.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Devorah. Good to hear the story behind the squid!

Anonymous said...

I think this bloging is really funny. I think you should write more funny blogs. This must be where I got my writing genes!

Your daughter,