Friday, February 10, 2006

Weekend Knits?

Today's purchases from Knitty City. The green will become Squid Socks, the blue a sweater for my male issue, and the pink and purple will become mittens for the female child. Unfortunately I cannot currently locate my yellow Barbara Walker Treasury (I do not remember the number) which has the butterfly pattern that I want to use. I used the book only two weeks ago when I made the male child's new mittens so it has to be around here somewhere (much like squid). For the time being I will manage as I do not need it for the cuffs.

The Vest is on hold while I try to get the mittens done by Monday. The poor child has a thinish pair of butterfly mittens and a really heavy pair of pink felted mittens but she really wants something in-between -- hence the mosaic stitched butterflies. If I can find the book. If not, I will wing it.

Tomorrow -- hopefully the additon of a knitting squid to the header. The gif now exists, I just have to figure out how to get it on to the page and that just is not happening tonight.

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Cynthia Mackins said...

Hi Devorah,
I just read your e-mail and decided to take a look at your new Blog. Congrats to you and I love your the yarn you purchased from Pearl.
Thanks for sharing.
Cynthia (UWSknitter)