Thursday, February 09, 2006

Why butterflies?

The following was posted to the comments section: "really I don't get it the aquarium story isn't enough for me. And if squid why butterfly. I think squid is a really good idea."

Even though this was posted anonymously I know who the poster is -- he did it from this very desk.

To answer the question of "Why butterfly," the answer must come from within the squid mythos itself. As the story goes, Squid eat Gorillas and Gorillas eat Butterflies. Butterflies eat Seeds, Seeds eat Water and ... Water eats Squid. (Apparently, Gorillas also eat Squid.) And this is -- Why Butterfly. (which implies, why butterflies on DDs mittens) Also -- because she WANTS butterflies on her mittens.

Here is the Squid-eating-Gorilla hat knit for my wonderful spouse. Yes, he really wears it. Sometimes.

On other topics, how many people get woken up in the middle of the night by their turtles? Am I really the only one?

We have three turtles in the house, two are family pets and one is a loaner while his owner studies overseas. DD has her turtle in her room and the other two are in the living room. The living room turtles fight. And they fight in the middle of the night and make lots of noise bumping their rocks and filter and such. This results in the lightest sleeper in the family, me, being woken up. Blah! Tomorrow I will clean out the fish tank -- the last fish died this week -- and move the loaner turtle to DSs room where the fish tank is. This means more tanks to clean but more sleep.

The Vest and Striped Socks are coming along but progress will be interrupted this weekend so that I can knit butterfly mittens.


Anonymous said...

Sqid gorilla squid gorilla butterfly.And were did the turtles pop

Amanda said...

Completely random, but I decided that there was nothing my mom needed more than a squid-themed hat (she made me squid oven mitts). Oddly enough, I find so many other people had the same idea. I fell in love with the squid eating the gorilla hat. Do you have a pattern anywhere I might be able to use? That would be excellent! My email is ulovetoast @ gmail . com