Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How long ...

do you spend planning what you are taking on a trip?

After viewing Stephanie's latest post I was forced to admit that I may be a bit obsessive about planning my travel projects. After all, the whole purpose of yesterday's attempted yarn acquisition excursion was to obtain sufficient stash for my upcoming trip to New Hampshire ten days from now. The trip will include at least twelve hours of car time exclusive of lunch and potty stops. It will also include two full days and three full nights of visiting with Dear Sister and her Dear Spouse.

Now, we are planning on attempting to learn how to ski during some of that time (please don't laugh aloud) and will probably lose a few hours to that endeavor but still, there should be lots of good knitting time.

What to take? The car knitting has to be easy enough so that I can pay full attention to my navigation duties and listen to whatever book we chose for the trip. The house knitting should also be of moderate difficulty at best so that I can give my full attention to my visiting. I could just pack lots of sock yarn (pictured on the right) but then my size 1's needles would carve a groove in my finger. Got to add something on larger needles ... hmmm. I know! I somehow must finally obtain the yarn for the sweater I have been promising my son. Size 6-8 needles and worsted weight yarn -- simple elephant motif -- that's the ticket!
That, and a pair of socks. Or two!

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