Tuesday, February 07, 2006

WIPs and some blathering

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The Vest. "Assembly Required" from Knitter's Winter 2005. I have taken some liberties with yarn, color and gauge. The yarn is homespun Coopsworth from roving acquired at NY Sheep and Wool over two different years. The dark blue are the front sides and the light blue is the back. The front edges / collar will be in the multi-rose or the multi-blue. DH is in favor of the rose, I am in favor of the blue. Any other opinions?

And, socks for the smallest feet in the family. I could really get in to making socks for him -- they go so much faster then socks for any other family member. However, if genes rule then he will wind up with boats like his parents and I will have addicted him to handknit socks.

Check out this Squid hat, link courtesy of Debbie.

And now for the blather ...

I tried. I tried to get the yarn I have decided I need for what is supposed to be the newest pair of Squid Socks. Leaving work with plenty of time to get across town, buy yarn and then get back across town in time to retrieve my eldest from Hebrew school, I was unexpectedly thwarted when the store was closed. Blah.

Instead I retreated to Plan B -- hit the drug store near the yarn store and get my usual Tuesday haul of shelf stable lunch food and some sparkly barrettes for She-who-now-brushes-her-hair. Back across town I flew to find myself twenty minutes early for the retrieval. Into the back of the synagogue I slunk, and while waiting, pulled out the striped sock. Sitting in the row in front of me was another knitter, showing her partially completed blanket to another knitter-parent. I held up my sock and a quick conversation ensued with us sharing our impressions of the local yarn stores. Hebrew School then finished and the Eldest and I headed home. Hey, Knitters are everywhere.

Now to pull out the Vest and make some decisions. I would like to finish it this week and already have a replacement project lined up -- new mittens for the hair-brusher. Her old ones are too thin and the felted ones too thick for everyday wear. I am thinking ... Squid? (O.k., maybe butterflies!)


Anonymous said...

About the vest. I am also in favor of the blue. Hey, Natan! What's your favorite color again? Oh yeah, BLUE!!! And about the mittens. I hope you havn't started them with Squid! I want butterflies.

Your daughter,

Anonymous said...

Whats WIP`s ? Whats blatering? Tell She-who-now-.
Oh never mind.

p.s Your blog is very funny.