Saturday, March 11, 2006

How to Spend an Anniversary ...

*** Thanks to everyone who wished us a Happy Anniversary. You provided lots of smiles and warm fuzzy feelings for me throughout the day. ***

1. Get only a little sleep the night before due to fright that you will not get up at the extra early time required by the fifth-grader's trip to Philadelphia.

2. Arise at 4 a.m. due to fear of finally falling solidly asleep and missing alarm.

3. Post a blog entry about your wonderful spouse.

4. Great same with a kiss when he finally wakes up after 5:00.

(Fast forward through all standard morning stuff.)

5. Bring kids to school and drop off 5th-grader at 6:50 a.m.

6. Have a leisurely breakfast at favorite diner with favorite (and only) son.

7. Return to school to discover that buses are STILL there.

8. Leave second child and go to work.

(Fast forward through work stuff.)

9. Leave work and settle in at Starbucks near kids' school to kill time until buses are due to return at 7:00 PM.

10. Get joined by Elaine of UWS Knitters and spend a pleasant hour or so knitting and gossiping.

11. Change venue from Starbucks to car which is intentionally parked where the buses will have to pass before turning on to the school block.

12. Continue to knit and gossip with Elaine until 7:40 PM.

13. Finish turning heel of sock and knit first inch or so of cuff. Start toe of second sock.

13. Decide to join other parents in front of school and then glance up the block to see the buses coming (Elaine, those WERE the buses!).

14. Wait a seemingly interminable time for the buses to start unloading and great a sobbing child.

15. Gather said child in arms and guide to car and drive directly home, bypassing intended leisurely dinner with said child.

16. Eat the pizza left over from son and husband's dinner.

17. Retire for night after giving the still-awake daughter (no longer sobbing) a dire warning about coming in to our room.

(Fade out ...)

I spent, maybe, 2 waking hours with my husband. We will make up for it tonight with a leisurely dinner at CraftBar and then a concert by Vladimir Feltsman.

Is is a beautiful, balmy, early spring day and I just hope that the exterminator comes early so we can go out and enjoy it as a family.

(Current Status of Gloucester -- up to armholes on back.)

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