Sunday, March 12, 2006

Is it Spring Yet?

Maybe yes ... Maybe no.

We ventured out in to the sunshine yesterday attempting to take advantage of this brief bout of spring. After painlessly running a couple of errands (since they involved a pick up at the post office there was the potential for pain) we wandered up to Bryant Park in search of a microcache. Once there, we totally lost our GPS signal but still managed to find the Geocache we were after. Score! Then a quick trip to coliseum Books and then ... To Le Carrousel.

The Carosel in Bryant Park is a tiny one but has some very interesting animals on it. Apparently yesterday was the first day of the season for it so the operator gave everyone on it a second ride for free!

After lunch and some wig making (a story for another day) the kids and I headed to my favorite playground. They played while I made some headway on Gloucester and then did some spinning -- attracting the usual bunches of kids. I know that there are some parents find playground time boring and tedious. I love it! The kids go off and do their own thing and I get to listen to a good book and get some fiberwork done. The only time I get antsy is when it is a tad too cold for me to knit or spin comfortably.

Dinner was at Craft (not Craftbar as previously posted) and was wonderful. We ordered too much food and have lots of leftovers for tonight. Vladimir Feltsman was also fantastic so the evening was a total success.

Today ... We make Hamentashen!

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