Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Today's Lesson

Beware of situations that may cause sudden rises in aggravation levels when you are already in a foul mood. Then apologize immediately. I am laying low for the rest of the evening and am not risking offending anyone else by going back out. This means I am missing this week's Upper West Side knitting but I honestly think it is best for all -- I'd probably wind up telling off a poor, innocent bus driver or token booth clerk for no reason.

Meanwhile, Gloucester is now 7 inches long on the back. I should get up to the arm hole shaping tonight.

The new character socks are now 6.5 inches long (o.k., the first sock) with 3 inches to go before turning the heel. That may happen before the weekend if I wind up "hanging" at Starbucks on Friday while waiting for DD to return from her class trip to Philadelphia. If anyone is on the Upper East Side between 4:30 and 5:45 on Friday, I will be at the 81st Street and Second Ave Starbucks. I have to be in front of the school by 6 but want to be there early -- just in case.

Now for some hugs from my offspring -- that makes everything better, right?

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