Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Young Einstein

Here he is!

And there is the wig that he obsessed about for a week. This child decided early on that for his project, he was going to become Einstein. I knew that he was planning the wig and mustache. I did not realize, until Sunday night, that he also knew that he needed a white shirt, slacks, his jacket and a tie. It was at the tie that I almost lost it -- however, since he had everything else located and ready to go I decided that I had to admire his planning and then, went and found the tie. He designed the wig on his own, creating a frame of paper glued strips glued together. He requested a ball of grey yarn and then spent much time "fuzzing" it to get just the right effect. The adults voluntarily joined in the fuzzing when we realized just how long it was taking. Finally, DH suggested untwisting it on a spindle. Fast forward to my unplying a half a skein of Lambs Pride on my wheel and then quickly pulling it apart. Yes, Lambs pride does indeed seem to have 2 unspun "plys" in it if something that is unspun can be called a ply. When split in half the untwisted stuff just pulled apart easily.

Einstein provided a credible presentation at the class share session yesterday morning and yes, it is captured on video for family members who ask to see it when they are here.

Gloucester is progressing -- the back is done and the left front is 1/3 done. Not much knitting was done last night since we went to relatives for Purim dinner. Einstein fit in perfectly. Next year the rest of us will really have do some sort of costume -- we were a little out of place this year. Mike's cousin invoked tears when he referred to the person who was missing from the dinner (MIL) but overall he gave a thought provoking d'var torah about names and language. I fully expected the male child to use it as the base of his question of the night but he actually fell asleep fairly quickly.

The answer to yesterday's riddle: What do you call a boomarang that doesn't come back?

A stick!

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Elana said...

Looks like Einstein to me! Great work. Great picture. Thanks for the sharing.