Friday, March 03, 2006

Yvan eht nioj

So admit it, how many of you just suddenly come out and say "Yvan eht nioj" during a conversation about the definition of the word "subliminal?" Are we really the only family that is so in tune with the Simpsons with a 10 year old child that just does this automatically? (The Male adult is also prone to quoting the Simpsons.) Is it possible that we are just that strange? O.k., maybe we are that strange. Does anyone out there even know what "Yvan eht nioj" means? (Yes, I do know, it is almost a rhetorical question.)

Meanwhile, the only knitting that was done this week was on the Squid Socks. I fully intend to finish this pair tomorrow and to then start swatching my sweater. This is where they now stand:May I suggest, if anyone cares, that the Squid in question are linked to the television show mentioned earlier.

I would like to say that I am about to settle in for a quiet evening of knitting but Mike and the male child are in rare form so it is unlikely to be quiet any time soon. Maybe I will go hide and read ... But then I would miss all this fun! I must admit that while he is a Loud Child, he is rather amusing.

Happy Knitting!

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Anonymous said...

Well, that would be Join the Navy, of course!