Saturday, March 04, 2006

Presenting ...

... The only socks bent on World Domination -- Kang and Kodos!

Kang is on the left and Kodos is on the right. (Yes, I can tell them apart.)

Notice how the tentacles come out over the sneaker? That was Mike's idea.His comment -- "these may not be your best socks but they are your most creative socks." I can deal with that. The foot is a bit too long and if you look closely you can see where I knit flat for a while and then seamed up the hole in the back. (Actually, you can't see it because it is in the back of the sock.)

Technical details:

Yarn: Cascade 220 superwash. Less then one ball used of each the mustard and moss.
Needles: Size 3 dpns
Knit toe-up with figure 8 cast on of 20 stitches -- too many.
The only measuring done on these socks was for the foot -- 9.5 inches before starting the heel. Mike has a size 11 foot.

If I had to make them again I would cast on few stitches for the toe and knit it in the green to provide a bit more foot interest. Mike would like to see a tentacle on the front of the foot but I think it would be uncomfortable in a shoe.

Kang and Kodos come to us courtesy of The Simpsons.

The next pair of "Squid" socks are now on the needle as I needed a simple project for the car this morning. They will also sport some 3-D details but I am not going to rush through them. My sweater takes priority.

Now for a nice evening of swatching.


mf said...

Their GREAT!

PuppyMomma said...

I LOVE THEM!!! You are a genius and I now must bow to your creativity. Bravo!

Stickchicky said...

Those socks are to die for! My husband has grand ideas in his head that I'll knit him some. LOL Well done!

AmyS said...

Great squid socks! You are an inspiration to the rest of us. I'll go back into my corner now and knit on my plain blue sock (I'm SO boring!)

fillyjonk said...

Hahahahahaha! Those are awesome!

And don't feel too bad about the Simpsons obsession: I'm a 37 year old (childless) woman, and I can quote a frightening number of lines from that show.

("Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!")

Mary said...

Wonderful socks! You are so creative!

Three Sisters Yarn said...

wow! cute socks!!!

Penny said...

Those are AWESOME!!! (guess who is finally reading your archives. *blush*)

you are def raising your kids right if they get the best definition of subliminal ever. ;)