Monday, March 06, 2006


I am total overwhelmed with the number of people who have viewed this blog over the weekend. This should not really be the case -- I knew when I posted to the socknitters list that the membership is over 5000 -- but still ... Wow! Thank you for your wonderful comments both in the comments section and sent privately. A few of you are apparently now being pressured to make Kang and Kodos for your own family. Good luck! There is no pattern but I highly suggest knitting the mouth and eye sections flat and then duplicate stitching in the pupil and teeth. The heel tentacles (scroll down a few posts) were stranded to give them extra strength inside the shoe.

On other matters, if you need to figure out the title of the posting prior to the premier of Kang and Kodos ... read it backwards.

Even though I swore that I was now knitting for me, I have to admit to having the next pair of character socks on the needles. These will be fraternal socks with the color on the feet different from the color on the cuff and that then switched on the other sock. These characters are also from the creator of The Simpsons if anyone wants to try to figure it out as they progress. Right now the first one is in my travel bag so I can do the plain foot knitting on the run. Given how much wait time I have this week, I should easily finish the first foot and may put it on hold to start the second. (I only have one set of size 3 dpns right now.) Maybe ... I will even finally buy that second set of dpns if I get desperate.

Gloucester is progressing after 2 rip-backs until I got the cast on just right. Hint to anyone else thinking of making this -- do a long-tail cast on, reasonably snug, on a single needle. I first did a cable cast on and then a loose long-tail cast on but the compression that results from the tweed stitch left the cast-on edge looking wavy and untidy.

Now for a nice evening of knitting.

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