Friday, April 21, 2006

I joined!

I have decided to become a dye-o-rama lemming! On order, 4 skeins of Knitpicks dye-your-own sock yarn. This, of course, led to me ordering far more yarn in order to meet the $40 minimum for free shipping. Also on order ... 2 balls of Dancing and the Palette Sampler (with 2 patterns to use it with).

Yesterday started out great (and actually did not end so crummy). We all trooped up to our favorite museum and then left Male child there with a friend and the friend's mom while the rest of us headed in to the park to do some geocaching.

Just as we completed crossing the street ... Ouch! All 3 of us stumbled on a piece of uneven sidewalk (imagine a sudden drop of over an inch). My foot twisted under, leaving me in considerable pain. Since the initial ache did abate after a few minutes of sitting -- while Mike figured out why the GPS was not working (I was paying more attention to the GPS then the sidewalk when this happened) -- we continued with our adventure. We headed in to the park, with me limping somewhat, and found the two caches we were after. I then decided that sitting at home with my foot up and on ice was probably the smartest move and so home we went.

Mike and Female child were very solicitous and after making sure I was o.k., they headed out on a bike ride and brought back this:from Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven. YUM!

I spent the day in my easy chair with my foot up -- alternating ice and no ice -- knitting baby socks and more mini-socks for our geocaching. The big socks in the picture are the finished plain socks. They will go to my sister-in-law in Kentucky who is expecting. If the baby is a girl, then she will get the matching baby socks. If the baby is a boy ... Then someone else will get the baby socks. The mini-socks will go in to geocaches so they do not have to be anywhere near the same size. Female child complained about the size of the small one so I made the next one a bit larger.Today, Female Child and I are heading to the T Salon to have a girls lunch / tea out. I am trying to persuade her that this is the way to go for her birthday gathering.

Meanwhile, I will just sit here with my feet up and knit while I read blogs.

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