Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring Break Day 5 ...

is not much different from Day 3. Progress has been made on all knitting fronts and some spinning has been accomplished. The Daisies and Tomatoes are still alive (yes, this is something to celebrate) and my cold is starting to abate.

Yesterday we ventured in to New Jersey and did some geocaching in the Tenafly Nature Center. We had a nice easy hike and Mike found the caches pretty quickly. An al fresco meal of yogurt and matzah filled Female child's need for a picnic. The day wrapped up with some quality playground time during which I almost finished the first Pomatomous gusset. The kids and I played catch and I am happy to report that Male child can now throw and catch a ball at an acceptable level. (Yes, this was an issue.)

(Male child holding the second cache of the day.)

Today was supposed to involve a bike ride but Female child and I are still wiped out from our colds so a walk to the shoe store is more up our alley. Later we have the thrill of the kids' annual physicals followed by a trip to Chelsea Market for some fresh fish for dinner. Yum!

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