Saturday, April 15, 2006

Spring Break Day 3

Accomplished so far this break:

Finished 1 plain sock and started mate.

Completed leg of first Pomatomous sock.

Planted Daisies. (Gerbera)

O.k., maybe the fog muted light was not the best way to photograph the socks. My kids thought I was a bit odd for putting them on the plants. Wait until the tomatoes get bigger!

Started playing with Mitered Squares. I think this will be a sweater or a vest. It all depends on when I run out of yarn. This is using the rest of the handspun coopsworth. The inspiration is from Ginger Luter's Module Magic.

Planted Tomatoes. (Sunsugar on the right and Husk Cherries on the left.)

Stayed up most of the night with a stuffy nose and spent all of today handcuffed to a box of Kleenex and a garbage bag for the used ones. I am hoping to be dry enough tomorrow to persuade Mike to go hiking / geocaching out in Jersey. This, by the way, was my view of New Jersey this morning:
Yup, it was so foggy that we could not even see our side of the river. Now, we have a view clear across to Hoboken. (O.k., I'm not really sure what city is directly across from us so don't quote me on that.)

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