Friday, April 14, 2006

Spring Break!

In the interests of full disclosure, the last two nights have looked something like this:

This is from the first night of Pesach (Passover) at our place. (The second night looked somewhat similar but for more people and at my parents' apartment in Queens.) Yes, there is a small amount of wine on the table. Please be assured that it was replenished frequently over the course of the evening. In the decanter is Manshevitz Concord Grape as practically required by tradition. A second decanter of grape juice joined the wine for the kids. The good wine was imbibed by Mike and my brothers-in-law. An amusing time was had by all at both seders and we are now in recovery mode.

On the way to Queens for the second seder, we got caught in icky traffic and I got much work done on the plain sock (some variety of Trekking XXL).

On the left is Pomatomous which received many loving stitches while in the playground earlier in the day. I show them on a lifeless window box in hopes of showing them again in the next day or so on a filled window box. I have the daisies, I just need to refresh the soil and plant them.

I like to have plant life on my terrace and even try to grow food out there -- tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers. Usually I wind up losing most of the plants by early August due to some sort of insect infestation. My plans were to totally replace all of my planting supplies this year and start with fresh, clean stuff in hopes of avoiding the annual plague (very Passover-like) but I have to keep my garden small this year since the terrace will be used for storage for much of July due to construction in the apartment. (We are knocking down a wall and doing major closet demo.) So, instead, I will have my daisies and maybe a tomato plant or two. These daisies seemed insect resistant last year and the tomatoes always do fine so maybe I will have an insect-free summer (at least on my terrace).

This is the view from my terrace facing northwestish:

That is the Hudson River and New Jersey on the far side. Next time I will show you the less enticing southwestish view and the new tower blocking Mike's sky. (It doesn't bother me, I just look north.)

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