Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Holiday Time!

Wishing everyone a good Holiday and a Happy Spring. For those of you spending quality time with your kids for the next week or so I wish a modicum of sanity and a plethora of Hugs. Please remember to enjoy your time with the younger ones -- they grow up far too fast.

We will be doing a Seder here with Mike's sister and family tonight and tomorrow will be at my folks with most of my siblings. The only knitting occurring will happen while driving out to the folks (I get to be a passenger) so don't expect great things of me until the weekend.

Our plans for the break are simple -- relax, relax, get Camp physicals (kids), visit with my Aunt and Cousin (and families) and relax some more. If the weather cooperates I would like to drag the kids with our bikes and get some milage in on the Hudson River and maybe find a few geocaches.

I have a little work to do but I will try to do it early and get it out of the way. I might even try to accomplish it today (at work (gasp!)) but I suspect that I just jinxed any available time by putting this in writing.

Enjoy your Holidays, enjoy your Families, enjoy Spring!

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