Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Day

It has been A Day. No one died -- though I thought I might want to kill one or two people -- and no blood was spilt but it has still been A Day.

It started with the mildly aggravating slog through the rain to get me and the kids to our respective schools. Nothing horrible and I did get some knitting done on my sock-ret pal sock. I did catch a bus pretty quickly after dropping Little at school. He even kissed me goodbye.

Then I walked in to my office. Let it be said that The Day started before I even had my coat off. The major problem at the time was A. Later, B and C would come in but A was still the big one and remained the big one through D and until E. And then F hit and A was not such a big deal any more. By the time I finally dealt with A I was almost ready to forgive the transgressors since much bigger fish had since landed on my desk and were stinking badly. Tomorrow will be a day of extreme vigilance to prevent D through F from recurring. Blah!

Oh yeah, and then the car isn't ready yet. They promise it for tomorrow. On the bright side it means more knitting time. Frankly I think I've gotten a bit soft driving all the time. I have to get my tough New York Subway Attitude back. *grin*

Now ... for an evening of serious blankie knitting!


KnittyOtter said...

Sounds like a heck of a day! Glad you made it through in one piece.

Have fun knitting the blankie. :D


Cookie said...

Honey, you need chocolate.

I hope tomorrow is better. *hugs*

Susan said...

Only good thing is that it was Wednesday, maybe the rest of the week will be easier now that you've made it through all that! sending squidly hugs