Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Better Day

When a day starts by breaking a glass while emptying the dishwasher there is not a lot of hope but today proved otherwise. After cleaning up the glass and making lunch for the kids because someone forgot to do so the night before. For the record, sandwich making is one of the things I am theoretically forbidden to do in the kitchen because I might put mayonnaise on the pastrami.

Fortunately the schlep uptown was much better without the rain and given all the things that could have continued from yesterday, none did. And ... I got the car back ... but my parking permit is missing ... but I have a second one from Mike's school so I'm o.k.

Tomorrow is Friday. Need I say more!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad today was better for you.

Wonder where the parking pass went. :?

Cookie said...

I am not anonymous. /pouts

Dave Daniels said...

Hey there. Was today a better day? Hope you all get a chance for some fun this weekend. (I agree, NO mayo on the pastrami. EVER. lol)

Sprite said...

Dang! Breaking a glass in the dishwasher is just plain a pain in the drain!

Hope your weekend is groovy and there's NO broken glass!