Friday, November 10, 2006

How to Help Others While Helping Yourself

Let's just pretend that today did not happen. I'm home now and am focusing on the weekend.

A few weeks ago a good friend asked for a favor and we agreed to bring her to a work commitment that would serve as a nice outing for us. Today another friend called and asked if we could help her tomorrow. After thinking it over (about 2 minutes) we decided that we could help both and have fun in the process. So, tomorrow Squidette and I will drive our friend to a book fair where she can be the wonderful author that she is and we can happily peruse kids books to our hearts content. Little Squid, meanwhile, will host a friend so that the friends parents can do something that they really have to do. Little Squid is thrilled to have a day-long playdate, Squidette is thrilled to have a girls day out and Mike and I are happy to be able to help friends while doing what we want to do. Works for us!

I fell off the "Thanks for the Stash" wagon a smidge today when I went in to Knitty City to get Susan's and my sock-ret pal's yarns. In addition to their yarns I also got two skeins of Regia Silky. I am thinking it will make a nice pair of socks for someone who reads this blog. That said, I will now shut up about the matter.

For tonight my plans are to finish my sock-ret pal's socks (just a tiny bit of toe left) and to do some more damage to the baby blankie. I'd like to have the blankie finished coming out of this weekend but I will live if it is not. My niece will be in town for Chanuckah and I figure I will give it to her then so there is no rush. I might start some of my other gift knitting ... I'm thinking the armwarmers I promised our violin teacher last year. In stash yarn of course!

Hope your weekend is a good one -- I know mine will be!


Cookie said...

Sock yarn is like eating over the sink. It does not count.

No... really. ;^)

Sprite said...

LMAO @ Cookies comment on sock yarn! Doesn't that get fuzz in your teeth?? *grins*

I'm with you on being able to help friends and having a good time with it, too. How cool that everyone benefited and kindness was the theme of the day! That's my kind of day!

KnittyOtter said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day! :D

It's true about the sock yarn ya know. It really doesn't count. *L*