Thursday, November 30, 2006

Giving Thanks for the Stash

November is now over and the stats are in: yarn used -- 13 units, yarn gained -- 2 units. Net loss -- 11 units! (A unit is a ball or skein of any weight.) Items completed: Sock-ret pal socks (1 unit), baby blankie (4 units), teacher scarf (4 units -- balled and multistranded from a large cone of lace weight merino -- balls were roughly 40 grams a piece), Violin gauntlets (2 units), Fetching (zero units -- there is still enough yarn to make a third mitt). There is still one teacher scarf in progress that has already used 2 units. I am going to continue trying to use more then I acquire for the month of December. I do acknowledge that I will have to get three skeins of something bulky and baby friendly so I can finally give my friend his baby blankie.

Now, since the previous paragraph was totally boring, I present:

Violin Gauntlets modeled on the lovely arms of Squidette. A gift for our wonderful Violin teacher who cannot wear wool.
Pattern: my own riff on Fetching using one fewer repeats, cables crossing on different rows and much length.
Yarn: Reynolds Tiara Silk and Viscose purchased many years ago at the annual Smiley's hotel sale (which I am passing on this year)

And as for the Squirrel Update: He appears to have found his way out of the building or at least out of the display case. I am really bummed that we were never able to get a picture of him. Every time I entered the lobby, he was hiding. Apparently he did give a good show for our students -- kind of like having a mini zoo in the lobby. I will work on editing Act 3 over the weekend for posting during a slow news day next week.


Susan said...

oh how pretty those are! She'll love them...if she doesn't, send them to me LOL

KnittyOtter said...

Those are great arm warmers! :D

Anonymous said...

What a lucky violin teacher! Those are gorgeous gauntlets.

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm so behind on bloglines it took me this long to make it down to S.

Ann said...

Those are QUITE beautiful. I am sure they will be greatly appreciated.