Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Saga of the Squirrel: A New Tale

So far the Squirrel Saga Acts that you have read are several years old. Today's tale is fresh ... so fresh that it does not yet have an ending.

And here we go ...

This morning as I am slowly getting my act together and putting away my coat, purse, etc., a teacher comes in and asks "have they caught the squirrel yet?"

I look at her blankly. "Squirrel, what squirrel," I say with confusion in my voice, thinking that it was a rather strange coincidence since I had just posted Act 2 last night.

"The squirrel in the showcase," she responds, matter of factly.

"Explain, please," I respond, still confused.

Apparently she had been working on the two showcases in the lobby yesterday -- yes, I remember her scraping tape off the glass -- when all of a sudden the kids noticed a squirrel in one of them. Seeing the kids, the squirrel scampered up and perched on top of the light where it seems to have stayed all night.

As of this morning it was still on the light where I saw it's beady eyes with my own narrowed gaze. It was sighted periodically throughout the day today.

While the cases were open on and off all day yesterday, there was always a person in them and they would have noticed a squirrel flying by. It seems, however, that there is considerable open space along much of our electrical conduits and this guy somehow got into this open space and found his way to the display case from the inside. Mice have also, apparently, found their way into the case on occasion as evidence on the bottom of the case suggests. Our friend has emptied it's bladder at least once during its captivity. We have no idea how he got in to the walls of the building.

Pest control has been called and at least one Hav-a-Heart trap will be on hand by morning.

This is a true story. I can't make this stuff up. My imagination just does not run to squirrels in showcases.

May your day not involve wildlife where it should not be.

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Susan said...

This squirrel is highly educated and back in his/her squirrel home, there is a computer. And the whole family reads your blog. And wants to be featured. Everyone wants their moment of fame. And some think they'll find it via the squirrely squids. *G*

Cookie said...


I hate to think what it's like there during mating season.

Moze said...

Didn't the BoE inform you that yours is a tree-rat magnet school?

BTW, the projects in my picture were only those portable enough to be hauled out of the knitting corner. I do have at least 2 more sweaters and a huge shawl squirreled [ahem] away.

KnittyOtter said...

You and those squirrels!! How can this be? Are you a squirrel magnet?


I can't wait to find out what happens!! *L*