Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Sis the Elder!

*** THANK YOU for all your wonderful birthday wishes!!!***

I'm not joking you. My sister's birthday is the day after mine. She is X years and 364 days older then me. (Hey, I shared my age, I'm not sharing hers.)Doesn't she look like the younger sister?!

Having siblings so separated in age is interesting. I think that we have to work harder to be friends because, growing up, our ages very much defined what we could do.

Over the years we have shared confidences, joys and sorrows. As my only older sibling she is and has always been a role model for me. I watched as she went off to college and had what seemed to be a rip-roaring time while getting grades that set the standard for the rest of us.

Sis also set the standard for how to build an adult life -- an example that we have all learned from and turned to our advantage. It is always a good thing to have someone pave the way.

In the last few months our roles have been somewhat reversed and it has been kind of cool to be the more experienced sibling when it comes to our kids. Watching her turn in to a mom has been a wonderful experience.

As a human being, my older sister is kind, intelligent, humorous and an all-around great gal. I am so glad to have her both as a sister and as a friend.

Happy Birthday Sis!


Paul said...

What a lovely tribute to Sis the Elder. Happy Birthday, Sis!

Susan said...

and a happy birthday to Sis the Elder! What a family! I think I'm a bit jealous. *G*