Sunday, November 26, 2006

Last Day ...

of my second score. (Or, last day of my 4th decade if you so prefer.) It was only as we came home that I realized that my family should be especially nice to me today since I will never be a 30-something again. They didn't buy it. But then Papa Squid and Squidette are busy making my birthday pie for tomorrow. Yum!

We hit the New York Botanical Gardens today for the train show. I really think that it should be called the "model house" show since that is the real highlight. There are dozens of scale versions of famous structures (buildings, bridges, lighthouses) all done in plant materials.The Guggenheim Museum done up in fungus.
The Haupt Conservatory where the show takes place. Now if they only left a window into it with a Conservatory within a Conservatory within a Conservatory ... that would be neat!
A view of NYC if the buildings were made of plant materials and were that close together. *grin*

More Train Show Photos can be found here.

A new breed of plant. These were popping up all over in the forest. Odd. We think they must be a type of fungus, all connected under ground.

Tomorrow, a guest post by Squidette!


Kirsten said...

Have a wonderful birthday. Welcome to the over-fourty crowd! It's a pretty cool club to belong to.
Enjoy your pie! Yummmmm.

Dave Daniels said...

Happy Birthday!
Now that you're in the Club, we've got to share some secrets wtih you. ;)
And Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos just reached the milestone, too.
We're a fun group, really.

Susan said...

Happy, happy, happy! Enjoy your pie and enjoy this next part of your life!