Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Sock Rides Again

If you are looking for Act 2 of The Saga of the Squirrel, give me a day or so. Much editing must be done before I feel that it is ready for the public. The Saga was originally written in the present tense and may present a certain respected person in a somewhat negative light so I am working on it and making sure to maintain the truth while protecting the innocent.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog ...

For the last two weeks I have, amazingly, not had a sock-in-progress. Instead, my carry-along project has been a pair of gauntlet mitts for our violin teacher. Yesterday I finished them. Tomorrow I will gently hit them with some steam and take a picture for you. After finishing them, however, I had the unreasonable urge to start another project mainly, socks. Grabbing a ball of yarn purchased this summer while traveling, I cast on twice for socks for Little Squid. I was going to put a pattern in to them but I've decided to go with my standard k2p2 ribbed all the way cuff and a plain foot. Knowing how Little Squid wears his sneakers, I think this is just safer in terms of lack of sag possibilities. I am also working on the second teacher scarf but that gets big, fast, so it is not my carry-along.

The sock is one anxious to get in to the thick of things so it came with us on our morning shopping excursion.

First it hit Home Depot and was amazed at how many drill sets they expect to sell this holiday season. It was also pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to return the fan purchased just yesterday. (The fan started to overheat within minutes of being plugged in.)Then the sock went to the Greenmarket at Union Square. Apples!At this point the sock saw a wool vendor and hid in terror of being sold so it was not able to witness this photograph which documents how New York Squid shop -- with shopping carts and luggage racks (for schleping the fan) in tow.


Dave Daniels said...

OMG, I laughed out loud when I saw The Sock in Home Depot. Priceless.
Even though I am an urban dweller, I have yet to acquire a cart for all my hauls: laundry and groceries. I still rely on my extreme camping backpack, which has never seen the woodlands. It can hold nearly 80 pounds of food, and almost two week's worth of laundry. Friends constantly harp on me to get a cart. What do you think???

Susan said...

Glad the return went well. So what are you going to do in there? Any decisions yet?

Thanks for letting me go shopping with you and the sock. When I lived in the City I had one of those carts. Amazing how much stuff you can cram in there if you really try.

As for Dave, I can't imagine carrying 80 lbs of food on my back. Yikes!