Sunday, November 05, 2006

Winter Wonder Knits

One of our squid cousins was in town for a family (other side of hers) party so she spent the night. Since spending the night also included a day, we went out on the town.

First stop was our favorite local Chinese restaurant since cousin bemoans the lack of good Chinese in her state. Here we feasted on Soup Dumplings and other assorted goodies that we do not usually get when we order in from these guys. Cousin is sporting a cashmere watch cap borrowed from me and knit for and inherited from my mother-in-law.

Here is Little being particularly cute despite being a bit cold. Yes, those are elephants on his hat.

After lunch we did a bit of gallery hopping on 26th Street. Whenever we go to the galleries we always do the same circuit and never go beyond the street level rooms. We get in to half a dozen to a dozen exhibits and then call it a day. One of these days I swear that we will pick a building and hit all of the galleries in just one building. Papa humors me and pretends that it might happen.

While outside I took advantage of the natural light to finally photograph the Northern Lights Mittens.

Tops, Bottoms and flipped open. Yes, the insides are different and she has now decided that she does not like this so ... eventually I will rip back the inside of the purple one and replace it with blue -- all except the last row. First, however, I have to finish Little's Bumble Bee mittens and the niece's blankie. Yes, the mittens are a new project but all he has that fit are his felted mittens (see the last photo) and they are a bit warm for early winter.

Just for the heck of it, here are the Squidlings in their handknit hats. Proof that this knitter's family is indeed kept properly warm in the winter.

And, finally, just because it is cute picture ...


KnittyOtter said...

Awwww so cute! Love all the handknits. Your Flip Mittens are too faboo! :D

It must be neat to live in the city and have all those galleries to check out. :D

Susan said...

Love those mittens! And your kiddos are just so cute *G*

I envy you and all the stuff that is right (well sort of) on your doorstep~

Sally said...

The squids are adorable, and I'm loving the knits. The flip-top mittens are fantastic! I'm impressed. New York looks like so much fun.

jessica~ said...

Wow! The mitts & hats look great!