Friday, November 03, 2006

The "Tooth Fairy" rides again

Despite the comments of the so called "Tooth Fairy" and her erstwhile companions Mel the Elf and Molar the Tooth Pirate (see the comments to my last post), I am gearing up to do tooth duty again tonight. Yes, Squidette lost another tooth. To be precise, Mama Squid gently tugged on a tooth and had it come out of Squidette's mouth. Frankly, I think most of this kid's teeth have been yanked by me ... whatever happened to them coming out on their own? (To give credit where due, most of Little Squid's teeth have come out without maternal assistance.)

That said, I must once again appologize for the lack of mitten photos -- by the time I got home from work and finished dealing with the insurance company (someone put a huge dent in my front fender while I was parked at work today) it was too dark to get a decent photo. Tomorrow! I promise! They did keep Squidette's hands nice and warm today.

Tonight I plan to sit in front of the t.v. and knit on niece squid's blankie.

Here's wishing you all a wonderful weekend with no problems from those interfering faries.


Cookie said...

If there's a tooth fairy for cats, she owes mine some money. *L*

Squidette is a very brave and trusting young lady. There's no way I would ever let anyone remove a tooth without druging me up... and proving they have a dental degree.

I hope the car stuff isn't too painful.

TFA said...

Dear Cookie and KnittyOtter,

Yes, there is a member of the Toothlist Association specifically for cats. They do not, however, leave money but rather leave cat treats. You never see the treats because your cat eats them before you get up.


Cat. V. Tee

Head Fairy said...

Dear Mrs. Squid,

Shame on you for maligining my sister fairy. We fairies work very hard to make sure that teeth are claimed and heads are tightened. Has your head fallen off lately? I don't think so! I do my job and I detest interfering know-it-all adults who try to take our jobs and deny our existance. Just see what happens the next time you lose a tooth or have a wiggley head!


The Head Fairy

Mary the Tooth Fairy said...

And you expect me to service your kid when you put me down? Ha! Just wait and see what she gets in the morning!

-- Mary

KnittyOtter said...

I'm not sure I buy this whole leaving cat treats without me noticing business. I'm very aware of everything my cat eats, or hell can eat. *L*

But okay, so long as she's happy.

I hope squidette is feeling okay. The thought of losing a tooth or having one removed kinda makes me feel a little sick. o.0

Grr! I'm sorry you have car stuff. A few years ago some ass seriously messed up my car while it was parked at our apartment. (not in Nevada) Turned out it was a non US citizen who was here without proper papers so there was NOTHING the police or insurance company could do. :? I just got screwed over and had to pay it myself. :( Blah.

I hope your insurance company doesn't jack your rates or anything lame.


Anonymous said...

how is good old mel the elf?