Monday, September 03, 2007

Sorry All

I know I've been quiet this week. Readjusting to a work schedule is never easy and I come home, vent to Mike and pretty much call it a day. This week included some additional child movements in order to deal with the two days that both Mike and I were at work but where the kids were not yet in school.

Kristen asked if we have time to ride in the evenings and sadly the answer is no. Early in the school year I tend to come home on the later side as my list of tasks is longer then the school day is. By the time I can start working a "contractual day" it is already starting to get dark by the time I get home. We make up for it with longer rides on the weekends when possible.

I have to admit that Mike and I are a bit driven about numbers right now. Last weekend we did that 38 mile ride and then looked at each other and the kids and said "only a few more miles to 55o, come on" and persuded them to ride again. Last night we did the same thing "hey, only 18 more miles for 600. We can do it with a ride to Little Red and then back to chocolate ..." We'll see if they go for it. I'm hoping so since we are out of chocolate and I have packages to get in the mail.

Meanwhile, some images from Saturday.

Back to school shopping for Mama (the blazers are red linen, navy wool and a shiny bright olive silk.) The "Fashion Avenue" information kiosk.
My favorite "billboard." Notice the scaffolding just below her nose.
And some happy mailboxes we found on 5th Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Yep -- I get both the references --- Jackie Gleason and Sopranos.

Your pictures were great. Just what I needed to feel a little less "stuck in the house" this weekend.

Penny said...

reentry is hard. i'm dreading tomorrow (loosing the access key card for the office isn't helping) .. i hope they go for it! ;) you inspire me to get off my butt.

solution? put *MY* bike in the trainer. We can just raise the seat for E and then all are happy.

Mary said...

Being retired, I so miss buying new back to school clothes!

Kristen said...

I know what you mean about riding time being greatly curtailed once school starts. I do use a trainer in the winter, but it's just not the same as getting outside. Plus there are always household distractions to cut you short.