Sunday, September 02, 2007

Squid on Wheels -- Jamaica Bay

This morning we took off to explore the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Preserve, part of the Gateway National Recreation Area.

Not being totally sadistic parents, we drove first to Floyd Bennett Field where we parked the car and unfolded the bikes. Then, we circumnavigated Jamaica Bay and, having cycled only 22 miles, explored Floyd Bennett Field where we saw some radio-controlled airplanes and cars being guided around the wide open spaces. Floyd Bennett field was the first municipal airport in New York City and was, in its time, a very modern field.

Over the 28 miles, we crossed 8 bridges and rode in two boroughs. We rode along the waters of Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and across old airplane landing strips and helicopter landing pads. Our tires crossed paths strewn with crushed sea shells (perhaps dropped there by seagulls trying to get the meat out?) and miles and miles of asphalt. We saw the spic and span houses of Howard Beach and the more rundown ones of Rockaway Beach. All in all, a very nice ride.
Had a whale of a good time on Rockaway Beach!Yes, we surf in NYC!Reentering Brooklyn. Anyone not get the reference?
Leaving Brooklyn. Had to explain this one to both kids.
A training tower?
The Concorde at Floyd Bennett Field -- on loan from the Intrepid Air, Sea and Space MuseumJamaica Bay from Floyd Bennett Field

If you wish to see our route (approximately) go here. You will notice that part of our ride was not on road per se. It was actually on the old landing strips of the air field. Yes, it was rather cool to ride on an airstrip. Google pedometer is measuring it at 26.4 miles. Our GPS's and bike computers measured it at an even 28 miles. I probably left out some of our meanderings as I translated it into the pedometer. For more photos go here and here.


Susan said...

Well that was a fun trip! I think I want to live in the light blue house by the whale. Do you know what was in the plastic crates at the base of the whale???

Penny said...

YAY! Smart move on the driving to Floyd Bennett Field as there is STILL construction on an approaching bridge on the greenway and trust me, it scares the @#($*& out of everyone. Think too many metal plates and open grid and I think wooden planks and cars zooming by. NOT GOOD. anyway, your trip sounds awesome. We've explored parts of that area (by both bike & car b/c of me+bridges) .. it's fun!

We're still putting E's bike back together. It doesn't want reentry ... neither do I.

concorde28 said...

Un grand merci pour la magnifique photo du Concorde British Airways G-BOAD,et les autres.