Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bits and Bobs

My day was dragging. People were peppering me with requests -- mostly reasonable, but all while I was trying to count to 34. Over and over again. And then a package was delivered. From Paul! More yarn, needles and candy for my students. Woo Hoo!

Then, I managed to find a parking spot only 2 blocks from my appointment and when I got out to feed the meter, discovered that it was "failed." (Meter-speak for "don't have to feed, you lucky duck!") This is the third day in a row that I have accidentally parked at a failed meter.

My prize wool from Blogger Bingo was just mailed!

My daughter looks far too grown up in her turtle neck sweater which contains practically no ease.

My son loses sleep because his teacher said to staple the work into his notebook and he had to use tape because we could not find the stapler.

I am now addicted to EB Robb's (aka Nora Roberts) books thanks to Cookie. One is now being read and two more are sitting on my shelf. And it looks like the library has plenty more.

I misread our concert tickets and now have one fewer obligation on the 19th. Phew!

Oh, and right now my job is "all toxic waste, all the time" right now thanks to this news report. We are the second school mentioned. Please note, the report is GROSSLY exaggerated and one of the most irresponsible pieces of "journalism" I have seen in a long time.

Yup -- I'm just all over the place and thought I'd share my scatter thoughts with you, my faithful readers (who probably abandoned me after "Woo Hoo!") Time to leave the computer and knit a bit.


Anonymous said...

Just what I'd expect from Fux, I mean FOX news.

Penny said...


ein rega dal

(never a dul moment)!

KnittyOtter said...

I love those In Death Books. :D

I hope today is a nice calm one. Or at least exciting in a good way.


Cookie said...

Who knew 'failed' could be a good thing? ;^)

I'm so glad you're enjoying those books. Otter and I are hooked, too.

Yay for good mail!

knitseashore said...

I hope your school situation gets better soon -- it must be so stressful. But that means buying more yarn...

Susan said...

I thought perhaps this week was caused by Mercury..not that it might be in retrograde (whatever that means) but that possibly it had completely left. I've never been so glad to see 5PM on Friday. Glad you had some bright spots and very glad that the news reports are exaggerated.