Sunday, November 11, 2007


Woke up yesterday to find Mike doing his weights with the t.v. off. Not unusual in itself but the timing was a bit off -- he usually does weights after the aerobic part of his workout, not before -- and the t.v. is ALWAYS on when he works out. As I headed for my computer with my morning cuppa, he said "don't bother." Huh? He had to repeat himself and explain before my sleep befuddled brain comprehended that we had not cable service. This meant no t.v., no internet and no phone.

I grabbed a book and settled in for a nice quiet morning.

The t.v. stayed off all day, even after service was returned -- sometime shortly after I really lit into the customer service agent who kept insisting that it was only an "assumed" outage and not a verified outage. (The difference? Not enough people had complained yet. Really! At least that's what she told me.) After 15 minutes on hold for a supervisor, my agent came back and said that now it was a verified outage. Um ... we reported this at 5:30 a.m. and it was 6 hours later ... even if it was not widespread, it was verified as far as we were concerned. I never did get to speak to the supervisor and I actually accused the agent of sitting and twiddling her thumbs for 15 minutes while I was on hold.

One of Mike's cousins was in town for the day, so we had a lovely time visiting. Lunch at a favorite, local, Indian restaurant, a wander through our favorite Indian market and lots of lovely knitting/schmoozing while we caught each other up on the families.

During the visit I finished cute scarves for my youngest niece and nephew (no pictures, their parents read the blog) and made major headway on Little Squid's new sweater. (Also no picture, imagine 10 inches of ribbing and stockiette in teal wool.)

Lovely, relaxing day.


KnittyOtter said...

I can almost see that sweater.


What's your favorite Indian food item?

Cookie said...

We really do hate the cable people.

Mary said...

Yeah, I've also experienced that not verified outage thing--AAAAARGH! Despite that frustration, sounds like you had a lovely day.