Sunday, December 02, 2007

I Don't Claim to Make Sense, I'm Your Mother

Every night we have a disagreement as to which "child" bathes first. Tonight I settled the feud in a non-sensical manner. I don't have to make sense, I'm the mother.

Much of today was spent like this.Or in a similar position with a book on my lap. I have now finished three of my "math"* books in under a month -- a fourth is waiting for me to resume reading. All of these books have been works in progress for a year or more. Next on deck "Breaking the Spell, Religion as Natural Phenomenon" by Daniel C. Dennett. I'm on page 30 of 339.

Actually, I was productive. Did the laundry, paid the bills, took Squidette to Old Navy and purchased her first pairs of "adult" sized jeans. She is now a size zero. Ack! Researched bike trainers and MP3 players. Perused watches for Little Squid (yes, we feed his obsessions).

Indeed, despite serious itching, I did not pick up my knitting needles so far today. I may give them a try once my nails are dry but won't force it. My finger is definitely getting better. I must have jammed it or pulled it or something. Whatever.

For those of you who cared about our Bat Mitzvah saga, it is essentially concluded. Mike traded a few emails with the Senior Rabbi, who asked for the band schedule and, comparing it to the master b'nai mitzvah schedule, determined that there are 6 shabbot that work for us. He also promised to look into the lack of clarity of the regulation. Problem solved. Yes, I know that I way over reacted. Thanks for bearing with me. Oh, and another mom confirmed our interpretation of the rule. She also did not realize that only specific services counted. So, it wasn't just us.

*"Math book" is a euphemism for any non-fiction that requires serious thought while reading. Therefore, when "Math Books" is yelled in our home, it is a call for the kids to take out their supplemental math books (subject, mathematics) and the parents to take out something thought provoking.


Lola said...

Size Zero . . . ah, that brings back nostalgic memories of my youth, when I could get away with Zeroes and Twos, and I weighed 75 pounds. Of course . . . things are very, very different for me now.

Glad to hear that you've got the schedule issue resolved.

Susan said...

Sounds like your day was productive and relaxing. And I'm ever so glad your finger is better!

Also glad that the bat mitzvah schedule has become workable. I never thought you were over-reacting. You were mom-reacting and that's what you are supposed to do. Besides, maybe now they'll be a bit more explicit about their schedule.

CygKnit said...

Yep, I agree with Susan.