Monday, December 03, 2007

What Mothers Do ...

The last few Mondays have been rough for Little Squid so this morning I called an end to it. I did the Curse Breaking Dance. Please imagine, if you will ('cause you are NOT getting a picture of this), a Mama Squid, clad in purple silk kimono (I kid you not), with damp hair and bare feet, jumping and leaping around the living room in order to break the Monday Curse.

The child in question went off laughing, so I think it worked. Keep your fingers crossed.


We found the woolies!!! The missing hats and mittens and glove (yes, singular) were mixed in with Squidette's Barbie clothes. We are now ready for winter.

And yes, she kind of knew it all along. She knew that the Dumb Donald hat was there but did not realize that if one hat was there, then the rest probably were there as well.


I did pick up my knitting last night and made major progress on Little Squid's sleeve. My finger is pretty much back to normal this morning. Woo Hoo!

Do I have to go to work now?


Penny said...

I think you may have broken my Monday curse with that. ;) Yay for finding the woolies .. though today seems quite warm... and I'm very happy to hear your finger feels good. I don't know if you have to go to work but I'm already here.. and as I asked E, is it bedtime yet?

Batya said...

And you just HAD to tell everyone!!!