Sunday, December 09, 2007


(Please welcome Super Monkey to our home.)

I'm a bit nervous. I just started a pair of socks for my father and have carefully wound my Cabin Cove Yankee Ikat sock yarn into two roughly equal balls.

Yes, I used a scale that measures in increments of single grams.

The heels and toes will be in Jawol white.

My dad has size 13 feet.

Some encouragement here please?

A size zero circular needle (magic loop) is being employed because the yarn is of the thinner sock yarn variety. It is incredibly yummy feeling.

But my dad has size 13 feet.

They will be knit toe up and I am starting with the slightly lighter ball.

Did I mention that my dad has size 13 feet?

I know that I had plenty of a similar weight yarn left over when I knit socks for my husband (size 11), my brother (size 11.5) and my brother-in-law (size 12) but I am still nervous.

I'm going to a chanuckah party later, lots of knitting time while visiting with good friends -- I'll let you know how much progress I make after I finish mom's socks.

(And any sibling reading this who feels that they or their spouse is being neglected on the sock front -- I promise, you are in queue.)


Dave Daniels of Cabin Cove said...

WOW! You're in luck. I *just* happen to have a large egg-shaped ball left over from the pair I made for a co-worker. It'll be in the mail this week. (How fast are you planning on knitting?) This should get you an extra size or two. And, for the record, a woman made a pair of size 12 or 13 for her boyfriend, and had just enough. So, if you're adding contrasting heels and toes, and this egg, you'll have enough.

Cookie said...

Welcome, Super Monkey!

You can totally do it, sweetie. Remember that Dave's hanks are always huge. Happy Knitting!

Susan said...

Sounds like it's all going to work out. Yay you!

Anonymous said...

what about your sibling who wants a pair.. she has no spouse..

Anonymous said...

12-1/2 -- when they're flat on the ground. How quickly they forget!