Saturday, December 08, 2007

Why Jeans?

Seems to me that I never did explain why I went to work in jeans yesterday (and today(yes, Saturday)).

See this room?

Imagine it filled -- and I mean FILLED. And by the way, it is twice the size that it appears. There is more room to the right of the machinery.

At the start of the day, this room was full. Every nook and cranny had boxes or old equipment in them. The room is now empty and the contents moved to either the trash or to the vault to age a bit more before they can be shredded.

Then there were the 15 boxes of stuff that got shredded. They came OUT of the vault. (They were sufficiently aged.) And the six boxes of books which were deaccessed (or something like that) from the library. Our custodian arranged for a dumpster for us, a big one. Like the size of an 18 wheeler. It was empty at the start of the day. It was half full at the end of it.

We did a lot. There is still much to do, but every little bit counts. There were eight staff members (not including me) and 25 kids.

Oh and tomorrow? I am going to be VERY sore. Theoretically, the person running the show should not be doing the schlepping but since my style of leadership is "by example," I lifted and tugged at many, many boxes and bags. Basically, non stop movement for 5 hours. I think I got my workout for the day. What do you think?

Anyhow, yesterday I had to do the shopping and set up which involved schlepping dusty boxes and shredders and such. Hence the jeans.

And by the way, I think work make-up adds 10 years to my face when worn with jeans. I may have to rethink the face next year. (Or lighten the lipstick.)

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Penny said...

BUSY! lipstick? hmm... i'm still happy when i remember chapstick. Though I am doing better so far this year. ;)