Saturday, May 10, 2008

It Started as a Joke ...

(summary of a real conversation between Mike and a fellow AP Computer Science teacher (APCST for our purposes))

APCST: "Hey, you know what? We should hold a formal party after the AP exam."

Mike: "Great idea! Let's do it!"

Two weeks later ... after the idea had fully matured and shopping lists constructed ...

APCST: "You know, I was joking!"

Mike: "Well it's a great idea anyway. Let's do it."

And so they did. These gurus of code, transformed a classroom with tablecloths and fancy plastic wear, bought bottles of Martelli's sparkling cider, crackers, cheese and salami and told the kids to dress nice.

And they did.

There was a bouncer at a velvet rope checking programs to make sure those admitted were properly attired and had Computer Science as an actual class.

The girls were all in nice dresses and the boys, for the most part, in jackets and ties.

Mike and APCST wore tuxedos.

And the party went on all day. Kids came during their regularly scheduled computer science class and then left for the rest of their classes. All behaved themselves as befitted the occasion.


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Susan said...

Well, how fun was that??? Quite inventive indeed. Congrats Mike!

Anonymous said...

Very cool!