Sunday, May 11, 2008

Folding Bikes Rock!

We took a little ride yesterday and managed to freak out quite a few people along the way. The sight of roughly 50 people, all on folding bikes, is a bit odd. You think?

We took our Fridays, Bromptons, Dahons, Swift Folders and such down the Hudson River Greenway and over to the East River where we tried out other bikes and generally admired how many different ways there are to fold a bike.

The Brompton "Inn"

Just a few Fridays

Little Squid kept whining about his lack of Friday and, after letting him ride Squidette's bike for a bit, we came close to giving in. Then David from B Fold bikes took a look and seriously advised us to wait. He also suggested that since Squidette is growing so fast, that we not replace her "fit stem" yet and just keep it until she levels out a bit. We may, however, try to upgrade the gearing on Little Squid's bike so that he can handle the hills a bit better. His goal is to build up his legs -- and he worked on that yesterday by refusing to shift on the bridges.

Today, we are all heading uptown as we escort Little Squid to Hebrew School. The older Squid will then do a loop or two of Central Park and breakfast al fresco.


The ride was sponsored by Times-Up.


Susan said...

Well, now I know a lot more about folding bikes and biking in NYC. Thanks for the links. Hang in there Little Squid..hopefully your time will come soon. Sounds like a really fun day!

Kristen said...

Your blog was the first place I'd heard of folding bikes. They must be quite convenient for apartment and city life.

Cat said...

Wow hon you have been busy. I bet you are just glad bicycle season is now upon you